Accreditation of New College of California

New College of California was accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges & Universities, from June 30, 1976 until March 26, 2008. Accreditation was extended until June 30, 2008 for particular programs, including LEAPNOW, BA in Humanities, MAs in Humanities and Leadership, Activism and Social Change, Media Studies, the Teacher Credential Program, and the Science Institute.

Download the September 15, 2009 letter from WASC for verification purposes.

WASC Letter, dated September 15, 2009




Taking a Break

We will not respond to transcript and other request until March 28, 2013.  Sorry for the delay.

JFK is Now Custodian of Records for Law Alumni 

The academic records for all New College of California Law School Alumnae are now held by JFK University.  You can go through the JFKU Contact List on its website at Contact the Registrar by phone or e-mail.


Outstanding Tuition Balance?

If you have a past due tuition balance, this balance must be cleared prior to release of transcripts.  All checks received when a tuition balance is owed will be credited towards your balance. You must clear your account before your transcript will be processed.